Quality and Assurance

We have set up a Quality Management System, which is followed rigorously throughout the organization. All the policies and guidelines are according to international standards. Our products also have a one-year warranty. We conduct various tests like alignment tests, dial gauge tests, etc., so that the products manufactured are flawless and completely defect-free. Our quality analysts test each and every product right from the procurement stage to the final delivery of the consignment. Quality has always been our benchmark and we endeavor to maintain the quality standards at every cost.


An ISO 9001 Certified Company

ISO 9001 Certified

Raw Materials Used

We use superior quality raw materials like MS, SS and alloy steel to manufacture our range of machinery. We source raw materials from Mumbai and then after testing them, forward them to the manufacturing unit. Our raw materials are procured from reliable suppliers and vendors. Standardized in quality, they are also completely reliable.


We have a proficient team of 10 managerial experts, 30 skilled and unskilled personnel, and 5 quality analysts. Our expert team works in complete coordination and harmony with each other. They are industry experts, technicians, and engineers who are highly competent and professional in their working pattern. We also conduct in-house training sessions for our teams, which assist them in increasing productivity and minimizing wastage. Our team plays a pivotal role in creating ideas and then fabricating the products according to the planned way.