Rotary Transfer Machines.

4 station / 6 station / 8 station / 12 station



Rotary transfer SPM’S are useful & economical for mass production of automobile components, agriculture components, & components required for Petro-Chemical industry in mass quantity. Drilling, tapping, boring, milling, operation are done on the rotary transfer SPM. Machine can be build in 4 station, 6 station, 8 station & 12 station type depending upon the requirement of No. of operations to be done. 

Additional Information

All the operations are carried out at the same time simultaneously. Loading & unloading of the job can be perform while running the machine, hence loading & unloading time required in Rotary transfer SPM is nil & Cycle time required is reduces.

Workers & machines required for each operation & rejection due to conventional machine, human errors are reduced drastically. Tooling life is increased hence tool cost per piece reduces.